Heating Experiment Successful

My electric bill came this week and I can now evaluate the results of my heating experiment designed to reduce the cost of my natural gas bill.  My previous gas bill was $103 and the current one was only $69 for a savings of $34.  Quite surprisingly my use of an electric space heater only resulted in a $2 increase in my electric bill making my overall savings $32.  This is enough for me to consider the experiment a success.  The figures were probably helped a bit by the fact that I was gone on vacation for one week of the month.

1 thought on “Heating Experiment Successful”

  1. Being on vacation for one week, pro-rated, would lead to a lower bill by approximately 25% by itself. It would then be a shade over $75. Still, it was trimmed to $69 – so while the savings were not staggering, it was probably still a success! We can all use some form of insurance for lowering energy costs with oil at over $100 per barrel.


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