Four Nights Lodging in Cancun for $37.41

That is what I paid for my four night stay in Cancun.  My lodging also included a free continental breakfast.  I was able to spend so little by staying in a hostel.  A hostel is a great way for a solo traveler to save on lodging expenses.  I couldn’t have stayed even one night in a hotel for the price I paid for four nights in the hostel.  It is also a great way to meet people from other countries and cultures.

The hostel I stayed at on this trip was the Soberanis Hostal.  It is a little different than most hostels because it is primarily a hotel with a few rooms set up hostel style.   It doesn’t have kitchen facilities that you can use to prepare your own meals llike many hostels  but I didn’t consider that a big drawback.  It was located downtown but it was only a ten minute 65 cent ride to the beach.  If you’re going on a trip I recommend considering a hostel as a lodging option.

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