Underwear That Pays

After doing some calculations I have determined that my new underwear will pay for itself. I normally do a very small load of whites every week. This isn’t my preference but I only have enough clean underwear to last a week. I often wear pants or sometimes shirts more than once but not underwear. Even a miser has his limits.

The math works like this. A load of laundry costs me approximately $1.50. I was able to buy seven pairs of underwear for $5 at Target. I used a Target gift card I’d received for Christmas making the purchase free to me but I’ll stick with the $5 figure. Now that I have the additional underwear I only need to do a load of whites every two weeks. That makes a savings of $1.50 every two weeks. In eight weeks I’ll have saved $6 which is a dollar more than the underwear cost me. That makes it underwear that pays for itself.

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  1. In order to delay doing a load of laundry, you can easily rinse a few things out in the bathroom sink with a few drops of hand soap. It’s a nuisance to have things hanging all over, but if you do just three pair twice a week, you can delay washing a load of white clothes an additional week. Most things dry overnight, or sooner here in Arizona !! Works well with socks, too! ;->

    Judie Ashford

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