Overdrafted My Checking Account

To add to the money mistakes I’ve been making I overdrafted my checking account.  Although they structured my withdrawals from largest to smallest only the last one overdrafted my account resulting in a $20 fee.  This was my own fault because I knew I was getting close to using the total balance in my account but made a withdrawal anyway.  I used to always keep my checking account balanced but now that I do everything online I just check my balance daily and keep tab in my head of any pending withdrawals that aren’t reflected in the online balance.  Until now this method had worked.  It still would have worked if I wouldn’t have intentionally gone below the $50 cushion I keep to make sure I don’t overdraft due to a forgotten charge.

On the plus side I asked the bank if they would remove the charge and they did.  They certainly didn’t have to remove the charge since the overdraft was completely my fault but I was pleased that they did.  I’ve read lots of complaints about Bank of America’s customer service but my experience with them has been very good.

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