Alternative Income:Bank Bonuses and other Sign-Up Bonuses

This is another way to make some extra money. Banks often offer cash bonuses for opening a free checking account. I opened a free checking account last month at a local bank and received a $50 bonus. It only took about twenty minutes so I consider it well worth the effort. You can also receive bonuses for signing up for new credit cards and some services. Just make sure that you don’t end up spending more than the bonus. Read the details carefully to make sure the bonus is as good as it seems.
Another example of a bonus I received is the $150 bonus I received for signing up for the Sony card in January. It also came with a 0% balance transfer offer which I used and put into a savings account at Emigrant Direct earning me another roughly $20 a month.

If you are interested in bank bonuses a good place to find them is my other blog Bank Bonuses. You can also find information on bank bonuses and a variety of other types of bonuses at FatWallet and Slickdeals.