June Challenge

I’ve decided to have a one month challenge every month. I lost ten pounds during last month’s challenge. That was more due to eating being painful due to the oral surgery than any self-discipline on my part. Anyway I’ve decided to try to continue the weight loss. To do this I’m going to stop drinking soda and run three times a week. The running should be easy since I like running I just have to get back in the habit of doing it regularly. Cutting out the soda will be more difficult. I’ve tried to stop drinking soda several times and have never lasted long. I know that cutting the soda out of my diet would be a significant benefit to my health though. I drink way too much soda now and it makes up a large percentage of my calories. Eliminating that should lead to weight loss and hopefully better sleep as well.

1 thought on “June Challenge”

  1. Soda! I know how you feel. I was addicted to Coke (no, not that coke!). I managed to develop a taste for REAL iced tea and finally broke my habit. Here’s a nice recipe: Boil water and use the number of teabags you like (I like it strong, so 3 bags), Add the juice of two lemons and then throw in the squeezed lemons. Cool in fridge. Serve with ice. I like it without sugar but if your into sweets add some sugar cane juice to taste. Delicious.


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