Had Oral Surgery Yesterday

I had all four of my wisdom teeth plus three other teeth extracted yesterday. I meant to schedule some posts on Wednesday to cover my time away but my hosting company’s server was down. I’ll try to get some new posts up over the next few days. I have to go to the library for internet access though and right now I don’t feel like spending too much time away from the couch.

If you might need wisdom teeth surgery you should get it done while you’re young. The older you get the more impacted the teeth get. This advice was too late for me but maybe it will help someone out there. They gave me Vicodin for the pain but it made me sick so I’m going without for now. One thing I do feel good about is that I was able to pay cash for the surgery. I’m not going in debt for anything from now on except my last year of law school and maybe a house someday.

Sorry if this is rambling, I’m not completely clear-headed right now.

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