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Swag Bucks Offering Rebates on Froobi is a daily deal site, every day they offer a deeply discounted watch and a deeply discounted item which fits into one or more of three categories: Fun, Functional and Fashionable. They also offer a Swag Bucks rebate to anyone who buys the Daily Deal or Watch. This is only one way of many to earn SwagBucks. I’ve redeemed several $5 Amazon gift cards every month for a while now that I earned from using Swag Bucks. If you sign up using the code JoinIn2010 – which will be active until December 31st at 11:59pm EST you will earn an additional 30 Swag Bucks during sign up.

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Two New Ways to Earn Swag Bucks

I haven’t written about Swag Bucks for a while but it is still one of my favorite ways to earn a little extra money. I consider it to mostly be passive income. I just write about them from time to time and do my searches through their search engine and I make money every month. So far I have made Swag Bucks easily worth over $200 in redeemed gift cards.

Swag Bucks recently announced two new ways to earn Swag Bucks. You can earn Swag Bucks through “Coupons” or “Daily Deals.” For coupons you just go to the link that says coupons under the earn button in your menu bar. Then you will see a list of coupons that you can print out and receive Swag Bucks for redeeming. The Daily Deals is similar to Groupon and Living Social and other deal sites. Not only can you get a great deal you will earn Swag Bucks to boot.

If you want to sign up for Swag Bucks use this referral link or click on the ad below. It is free to join and I’ll receive a little bonus for you signing up.

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Marathon Musings and Super Sales

Can a 50 pounds overweight, 43 year old guy run a marathon with just two months of  lackluster training? Yes.  Should he? No!!

I did manage to finish the Bass Pro Marathon last Sunday with a time of 6:06:41 which placed me at 155 of 158 men in the marathon.  Hey, I wasn’t last and anyway my main goal was to finish.  I’ve now completed 5 marathons in 5 different states.   This marathon was tough.  I spent most of the last 10 miles walking rather than running.  The temperature was in the 40s when the race started but it was near 70 and sunny for the last half of the race.  This made it uncomfortably hot for me and I became a little dehydrated.  I also got a little sunburn and chapped lips.  Of course there were sore muscles after the race but they recovered after a couple of days.  This was the first time the muscles in my arms became sore as well.  I guess it was just from holding them up in a running position for most of the race.  I won’t be doing any more marathons until I lose some significant weight and am in much better shape.

I’ll post some marathon photos later.  I’ve managed to jack up the SD card slot in my laptop by accidentally putting the little protector piece of plastic in there sideways.  As soon the USB card reader I ordered arrives I’ll upload some of the marathon photos.

If you are looking to do some early Christmas shopping here are some good deals.

The Mr. Rebates Christmas Promo offers increased cash back at over 300 stores with some offering up to 22% cash back.

Mr. Rebates also offers a $5 sign up bonus for new members.

Best Cash Back Shopping Sites

Cash Back shopping sites such as Ebates, Big Crumbs, and Mr. Rebates get paid for sending customers to online merchants. They then share some of that cash with the customers who went through their shopping site to make the purchase. It is a simple process. You log in to the cash back site of your choice and then click through to the online merchant where you want to make a purchase. After you check out you will get a percentage of the purchase price back in your cash back account. These percentages are usually 1% – 7% but they can be even higher.

The cash back shopping sites I prefer are:

Ebates –   They currently offer a $5 sign up bonus and have one of the largest selection of merchants to choose from.

Mr. Rebates - They also offer a $5 sign up bonus.  They have the best cash back percentage for a lot of merchants.

Big Crumbs –  They do not currently offer a bonus but they do have a large amount of merchants to choose from and competitive cash back percentages.  You can also check out the BigCrumbs Deals page for great deals that are added on top of the cash back.

Once you sign up for any of these cash back shopping sites you can earn money for referring new users just like I do. Not only can you save a little money on your online purchases you can make a little money as well.

Healthy Wage: Lose Weight – Make Money

Healthy Wage is a website that will pay you to lose weight through their BMI Challenge. To qualify for the BMI Challenge you must start with a BMI of at least 30, and you must have a BMI of less than 25 on December 30, 2010. You must complete the weekly weigh-in each week in 2010 (you can take two weeks off) and have your physician complete our online doctor verification (your vitals must have been measured at the doctor’s office by February 28, 2010, and your doctor must complete the online verification no later than April 15, 2010).

Through their free program you can get paid $100 for successfully completing the challenge. If you feel confident or need extra motivation you can put up $300 to receive $1000.

The doctor’s visits and the weekly check-ins kill the deal for me. Not to mention that this is similar to my $500 weight-loss challenge that I was not successful at.

P.S. Tomorrow I will post the details of where the $500 was distributed. Thanks goes to Lazy Man for posting about Healthy Wage.