Alternative Income: Online Surveys

One of the ways I make alternative income is by doing online surveys. The only company I do surveys for is Pinecone Research. They pay $5 per survey which take about 10-15 minutes to complete. I usually only get 1 or 2 surveys a month though. They only accept signups at certain times so you have to be on the lookout for when they are accepting new members. I’ve never had any problems getting paid by Pinecone. They send out checks quickly or you can have the money deposited in your PayPal account. This isn’t much money but it is easy to make and every little bit helps.

Other companies that I haven’t used but I’ve seen recommended by other PF bloggers are SurveySavvy and Greenfield Online. Leave a comment if you know of any other good survey comments or let people know of any survey company you have had a bad experience with.

Where To Find Free Stuff

Being a frugal person I love free stuff. It is hard to get a better price than free. Here are some resources for finding free stuff.– Just join the local group in your area then look at what is being offered. Be sure to put up some of your own unwanted items too.– They have a section for free stuff. Check it often because you never know what might pop up.– They have a free stuff board. I’ve found a few different free items I wanted here.– They also have a freebies board.

These are just a few of the free stuff places on the internet. If you keep your eyes open for possible free stuff you will probably find many more places. This includes places in your local community not just on the internet.

Festival of Frugality #67 Is Up

The 67th Festival of Frugality is up at Debt Hater. I didn’t participate this week due to my current laziness. Hopefully I will break out of this funk soon and get back to regular posting. Here are my picks from the festival.

Grad Money Matters has tips for making meals at home less tedious

Cheap magazines on Ebay from My Two Dollars.

I need to eat at home more, both for my budget and my health. I don’t actually care enough about any magazines to pay anything for them but this is a good option. You can also sometimes get free magazines on the free magazine thread at Fatwallet. Also be sure to check out Debt Hater’s blog. She has a lot of good stuff there.

I Got A Job

I started working a part-time job last week. I should still have plenty of time for blogging but I haven’t done very well with organizing my time so far. This week should be better. Even with this job  I am probably going to be spending more than I make. After school is out for summer I plan to get another job and then I should be able to start making some headway on my debts. I’ll post again soon.

Festival of Frugality #66 Is Up

The 66th Festival of Frugality is up at The Frugal Duchess. My post “Dumpster Diving Lite” was supposed to be included but was somehow left out.  Of the posts that were in the Festival here are a couple that caught my eye.

 A Frugal Balance from Stop The Ride. This post makes a good point about being frugal.

Eating out for cheap posted at story’s blog. If you’re frugal you probably already know most of these tips but a reminder is always good.

Also please check out this free iPod Shuffle offer if you haven’t already read it.