July Expenses – $1447.14

August 2, 2016

Here is a breakdown of my expenses for July. Household $419.50 Entertainment $38 Transportation $58.83 Food $132.43 Student Loan $37.71 Travel $605.46 Phone $36.79 Health $118.42 Total $1447.14 My July expenses were a little higher than I would prefer.  The higher expenses were due to my $605 of travel expenses which were mainly from my […]

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Giving up Soda and July 2016 Review

August 1, 2016

July was an okay month. On the plus side I made a little bit of progress on some of my goals and my income was at least a little bit more than my expenses. On the minus side I wasted about $500 on my hiking trip since I cut it short due to the heat. […]

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Lesson Learned – I Can’t Hike in the Heat

July 21, 2016

My planned three-week hike turned into a one-week hike. I was concerned before I left on the hike that it might be too hot for me to hike, but the forecast when I booked the trip looked like it might be cool enough. Unfortunately, it  warmed up making the hike an unpleasant experience.  After one […]

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July 2016 Goals Update

July 11, 2016

Last month I set several long-term goals. The goals were to run a 5k in 23:59, be able to do one chin-up, write every day in July, lose 50 pounds, and finish hiking the A.T. before I turn 50. This is the first update on my progress or lack of progress towards those goals. I’ll […]

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Fall A.T. Hike Is Now Summer A.T. Hike

July 7, 2016

Last month I shared my plan to go on a three-week hike on the Appalachian Trail this fall. I have now changed that plan and will be starting my three-week hike next week.  I had planned the hike for the fall since I have a hard time hiking in the heat of summer. After checking […]

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Upromise $20 Referral Sign Up Bonus

July 5, 2016

Upromise is one of several cashback portals I use. They are currently offering a $20 bonus to current and new members when a member refers a new member to open an account. The new member must enroll in Upromise through the enrollment invitation within 30 days of receiving the invite and make a qualifying purchase […]

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