122/132 Interest in my Interest and an Update

March 24, 2017

At least one person wanted to know a little more about my student loans so I’ll share some more details. I have one consolidated student loan that consists of four formerly separate student loans. That is why I sometime refer to my student loan as my student loans. When I finished school the balance of […]

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132 Plan to Pay Off Student Loan

March 13, 2017

I have started on a new plan to pay off my student loan. Some of you may recall that I had a plan a couple of years ago to pay off my student loan. That plan started off strong. I got my student loan debt down to $122,000 from $138,000.  After that the plan fizzled […]

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February Expenses -$1693.07

March 6, 2017

Here is a breakdown of my expenses for February. Household $530.41 Entertainment $81.53 Transportation $29.67 Food $153.46 Student Loan $505.95 Travel $293.08 Phone $26.50 Health $72.47 Total $1693.07 . February was a decent month for expenses. Although it was a lot higher than January, that was to be expected since January’s expenses were so low. […]

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March 2017 Net Worth Update

March 5, 2017

In order to keep track of my financial progress or lack of progress I have decided to calculate my net worth a few times a year. My net worth as of 03/3/2017 is as follows. Assets Cash – $11,356 IRA – $25,909 Roth IRA – $10,988 Solo 401k – $1086 Car/Stuff – $3900 Liabilities Student […]

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February Income – $3685.69

March 2, 2017

Here is a breakdown of my income for February. Qapital $5 Interest $4.36 Online Income $320.26 Amazon FBA $593.48 Cash Back $80.05 Job $2682.54 Total $3685.69 My February income was pretty good. Receiving two full paychecks contributed most of the income for the month. I was happy to make almost $600 from FBA since I […]

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Tight Fisted Miser Turns 10

February 28, 2017

I published my first blog post on Tight Fisted Miser way back on January 28,2007. It is hard to believe I’ve been writing this blog for over ten years now. I’ve been blogging even longer than that. My mostly abandoned Bank Bonuses blog was started back in December 2005. That makes me one of the […]

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