Challenge Day 11

Going to my mom’s for the weekend was not good for maintaining my goals. I think it is easiest to meet a goal if you just develp a routine and then don’t break that routine. By the time I got back to town it was too late to do my lower body workout so I did a 20 minute run instead. I am going to do my lower body workout tomorrow and then I’ll be back on schedule.  Anyway, here is the breakdown for the day.

  • Money Spent=$0
  • Exercise=20 minute run.

Food eaten for the day:

  • Breakfast-Mcdonalds’ biscuit w/sausage gravy
  • Lunch-roast,potatoes,corn,and chocolate ice cream for dessert
  • Dinner-none, too full from lunch

I am not going to try to figure the total calories for the day. I just know it was a lot. My mom bought me the Mcdonald’s breakfast even though I told her I was going to eat my food. Once she had bought it though I felt compelled to eat it. Lunch was the meal I was planning on having a feast when the weekend started. Even though I had cheated quite a bit before lunch I still went ahead and pigged out. Hopefully, now that I’m back home things will return to normal

Challenge Day 10

Today wasn’t the best day. I spent $142.40 getting two new tires and an oil change for my car. This could have been delayed but this is one of those cases where not spending money now might cost you a lot more later. Since I’m staying at my mom’s this weekend it was a little too easy to indulge in food I didn’t buy. Anyway, here is the breakdown.

  • Money Spent=$142.40,necessary
  • Exercise-none*

Food eaten for the day:

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Challenge Day 9

Another day done. I had a mystery shop today and got $5 in free groceries. I may not have to buy any more groceries this month. I forgot to pay my electric bill last month. The $22.15 is for two months and includes a $0.23 late charge. That is a lot smaller late charge than one of my credit cards would’ve charged. Here is the breakdown for the day.

  • Money Spent=$22.15 for electric, necessary
  • Exercise=20 minute run

Food eaten for the day.

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Link Exchange and Feedburner Update

If any bloggers out there would like to exchange links please let me know. I also own the blog BankBonuses so I can give you two links for one if you would like. The only requirement that your blog is at least somewhat frugality/personal finance related.

My Feedburner feed has been updated. It wasn’t working last week but is now fixed. I’ve also changed the button to make it easier for you to sign up through your favorite feed reader.