Back In Law School!

I had my meeting with the re-admissions committee today and I have been re-admitted to law school.  I’ll return for the next semester which starts in January.  I have to retake a couple of classes.  I’m not thrilled with having to do that since it will probably mean it will take me an extra semester to graduate.  Of course graduating one semester later is better than never.  Both of the classes are important bar subjects so I do need to know them.  Taking them a second time should make them pretty easy.  Since this week is Thanksgiving week I have to wait until next week to finalize all the details.  The important thing though is I’m back in.

Finally Finished With Law School Paper

I turned in my paper for law school Thursday night. The paper is going to be a major factor in whether I am re-admitted to law school. I’m not completely pleased with how the paper turned out since I procrastinated and didn’t get the paper exactly like I wanted it to be. I believe it should be good enough though. My professor was going to look over it this weekend but I haven’t received any feedback yet. I’m relieved to finally have this paper done though. I’ve basically done all I can for being re-admitted now. I have to wait until Nov. 20th before I meet with the re-admission committee but I think my prospects look good. Now all I have to do is wait.