Depression and Money

Sorry for not posting the past few days. I’ve been experiencing a bout of depression and when in this state I don’t feel like doing anything. Not even things that I like such as blogging.

I know some people are probably thinking if I weren’t a Tight Fisted Miser and would spend some of my money I wouldn’t be depressed. It doesn’t work like that for me though. I’ve tried spending my way out of depression in the past and it didn’t help. That is how I ended up having to declare bankruptcy eleven years ago.

I’ve learned to keep my depression from causing me to waste money. Depression still hurts me financially though. It keeps from doing things to increase my income. It makes it difficult for me to keep a job and keeps me underemployed. Part of the reason I’m working the jobs I currently have is because they are so mentally and physically easy that I can deal with them even when depressed. The biggest impact depression is having on me currently is law school. It led to my poor decision to transfer schools and it led to me not putting in enough effort in school and being put on academic probation. I’m trying to work through it now but it is making it difficult for me to concentrate on the paper I have to write to be considered for re-admittance. It is better today and I hope it stays that way.