Suntrust Bank is Stupid

I decided to close my checking account with Suntrust Bank today. I opened the account when I was going to school in Virginia last year. Now that I’m living in Missouri where there are no Suntrust branches the account isn’t really useful.

When I called to close the account Suntrust told me there would be a $20 fee for closing by mail. I asked them if they would waive the fee since I live out of state and cannot close the account in person. They refused to do so. That is their prerogative(although I’m going to double check the terms and conditions on my account because I don’t remember there being a $20 fee for closing the account by mail)but it isn’t in their best interest to not waive the fee. The account is a free checking account and I only have $2.50 in it. They mail me a statement every month. It will not take long for servicing the account to cost them more than $20. I explained this to the CSR but he didn’t care. I might try again next week and see if I get a more reasonable CSR. If not they can keep wasting their money, it isn’t costing me anything. This doesn’t make much sense to me but unless they waive the fee I’ll just keep the account open.

Link Exchange and Feedburner Update

If any bloggers out there would like to exchange links please let me know. I also own the blog BankBonuses so I can give you two links for one if you would like. The only requirement that your blog is at least somewhat frugality/personal finance related.

My Feedburner feed has been updated. It wasn’t working last week but is now fixed. I’ve also changed the button to make it easier for you to sign up through your favorite feed reader.

Taxes Are Done

I did my taxes yesterday. One good thing about being poor is that I get all of the federal income tax that I paid back. In addition I also got some money from the EIC. I’ll also get $30 for the Telephone tax credit. This will probably be a profit for me since I’ve only had phone service for a fraction of the time covered by the credit. I’m mailing my return rather than filing electronically. Since I’m filing early and the regional IRS center is in this city I don’t think it should take too long to receive my return. Usually the funds are deposited in my account in about three weeks.

Welcome to Tight Fisted Miser

There are several reasons why I decided to start this blog. I already have a blog at The focus of that blog though is fairly narrow. I decided to start a new blog to share my ideas and experiences with being frugal and saving money. It seems that most personal finance blogs are written by married men with stable work and family life. (There are exceptions of course.) I can’t always relate to the material they write. An article on how to save $100 a month by cutting out lattes doesn’t have much value to somone who lives on $900 a month. So I’ve decided to blog about my life at the lower end of the economic scale.

The reason my blog will focus on frugality is because that is what I know. I’ve always been frugal and living on my small income makes frugality a necessity. I can’t write an article on how to be rich because I am not rich. When it comes to being frugal though I believe I am qualified to write about the subject.

Although I’m calling the blog Tight Fisted Miser, I don’t consider myself a miser. The difference between being cheap or a miser and being frugal is something I’ll write about in a later blog post. This blog will contain several categories of posts. The main category will be frugality which will contain general frugal tips as well as my personal frugal experiences. Another category will be lazy money which will contain information about what I consider lazy ways to make money. The other categories will be random rants and random observations which will be things I feel the need to rant about or share my view on that don’t neccessarily fall into the personal finance category. These posts will be kept to a minimum.

Anyway that is all for now. Stop by often because I plan to keep this blog updated daily.