August 2016 Review and September 2016 Goals

688098674_4692bc3705_bAugust was basically a wasted month when it came to making progress towards my goals. I ended August in the same place as when it started. I didn’t lose or gain any weight in August. I didn’t make any progress on my 5k time since I never ran a 5k in August. And I didn’t make any progress on my chin-up goal either.

The month started out well. I had given up soda at the beginning of the month which would have helped a lot with my weight loss goal and probably would have helped with my 5k and chin-up goals as well. Unfortunately, I started drinking soda again not long after posting that I had given it up.

The trip to Las Vegas kept me from working towards my goals that week. The week after I returned I had a bad cold which kept me from exercising. Those are just excuses though, I should still have been able to make progress this month.

My goals for September will be the continuation of my weight-loss, 5k and chin-up goals. Also, I am making a goal to quit soda again by the end of the month.  This is too vague to call a goal but I once again am aiming to be more productive.  That is probably enough goals. Since I’m  not making progress on the goals I already have it doesn’t make much sense to add even more goals.

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