Giving up Soda and July 2016 Review

688098674_4692bc3705_bJuly was an okay month. On the plus side I made a little bit of progress on some of my goals and my income was at least a little bit more than my expenses. On the minus side I wasted about $500 on my hiking trip since I cut it short due to the heat.

Since I last updated my goals I have managed to reduce my 5k time from 38:11 to 35:59.  I expect to continue making steady improvement on the 5k goal for now. I’m still at 95 pounds of assistance on doing a chin-up. It might be a while before I see any progress on this one, but I am working on it.

I have managed to lose 3 pounds towards my goal of losing 50 pounds.  I hope to do better at losing weight this month. I’m giving up soda to help me lose weight faster. I’m on day 4 of no soda right now and I think I’ve gotten past the withdrawal effects already.  The second day without soda – which also meant no caffeine – I had some bad headaches. I slept 11.5 hours that night and I think my body has now adjusted to the lack of caffeine.

Although I made some progress towards my goals in July I want to do a lot better in August.  Since I am not working at a job I should be getting a lot more done than I have been. I spent too much time watching TV and reading random stuff on the web last month. In addition to working towards my goals I need to be more productive in general. Towards that end I’ll be limiting the amount of TV watching and random web surfing I do this month.

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