July 2016 Goals

goal setting At the beginning of the year I decided not to announce any goals since sharing my goals didn’t seem to be any help in achieving the goals. Unfortunately, I also haven’t set any new goals so far this year which unsurprisingly has led to me not achieving any goals. It is hard to achieve a goal when you don’t have any. Therefore, I have decided to set three new goals. One goal is for July and the other goals are long-term goals.

Before I announce the new goals I need to review my current goals. Although I didn’t set any new goals for this year I did carryover last year’s goals of running a 5k in 23:59 or faster and getting strong enough to do one chin-up. The year is half over and I have made no progress towards those goals. However, I do now have a plan that will result in progress towards these goals. Last week I got a fitness center membership which will help me lose weight and get in shape. Now that I do not have a job I don’t have any excuse to not get in shape.

The fitness center has a variety of machines and weights that I can use to acquire the strength to be able to do a chin-up. Using their assisted chin-up machine I was able to complete a chin-up with 110 pounds of help. If I’m able to lose 50 pounds then I’ll need to be able to gain 60 pounds of strength in order to be able to do a chin-up. I know losing 50 pounds will be difficult. I have no idea how hard getting 60 pounds stronger will be. My guess is that it won’t be easy. Now that I have an exercise to measure my chin-up strength I will record my exercise and hopefully my progress.

I ran (ok, there was quite a bit of walking too) a 5k a couple of days ago to see how far away I was on my 5k goal. It took me 43:08 to finish the 5k. I would call that pretty far away from my goal. I have a plan to run 3-4 times a week which I believe will result in rapid improvement of my 5k time. Since I’m currently in terrible shape almost any exercise plan will result in improvement now. If I plateau I’ll do a little more research and come up with another running plan.

If you read this blog – and if you’re reading this, you probably do – you might have noticed that I haven’t being writing much this year. I don’t know why, but I’ve developed a lot of resistance to writing and I’ll do just about everything else on my to-do list before I’ll get around to writing. To overcome that resistance and get back in the habit or writing again I am going to write a blog post every day in July.

My long-term goals are to lose 50 pounds and to finish hiking the Appalachian Trail before I turn 50. The exercise I’m doing for my 5k goal and chin-up goal will help a lot with the weight loss goal. I’m also going to start eating better. I’m going to cut way back on the fast-food and eventually stop drinking soda.

To finish hiking the A.T. I will go on an approximately three-week hike this fall. Then I will go on a longer hike next spring to hike the rest of the trail. Being relatively close to finishing should provide me with extra motivation to keep hiking on the spring hike.

I’ll post updates at least once a month on my 5k. chin-up and weight-loss goals. I’ll update on my AT goal when there are any new developments to share.

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