Friday Flip – Sage 50 Pro Accounting

61UkvbjI+9L._SL1000_Each month I share my most profitable and least profitable Amazon FBA sales from the previous month. This post will share my most profitable item. Actually, it will be one of my highest profit sales for the month, but not my most profitable sale. There were a few higher profit sales during the month that I’m not posting about since they were products that I bought with points or rewards which skews the actual profit of the sale. The Sage 50 Pro Accounting software was the highest profit item I sold in January that I didn’t purchase with points or rewards.

This sale took a little patience. I bought this software on Amazon as part of their Black Friday sale for $159.99 and it finally sold in January for $249.99. After subtracting the selling fees of $40.52 I made a profit of $49.48. I like to have my higher price items sell within 30 days. Although I had this product competitively priced it took about a month and a half to sell. I’m not sure why it didn’t sell sooner, but since I made a nice profit it was worth waiting.

This was one of my most successful Amazon to Amazon flips. That is where I buy an item from Amazon and then sell it on Amazon. It doesn’t seem like that should work, but it can. A little more money was made on this sale since I bought the item with my Chase Freedom card when they were offering 10% cash back at Amazon. That allowed me to make $15.90 in Ultimate Rewards from the purchase. The extra money from buying items through shopping portals like Mr. Rebates and using a cash back credit card can really add up. This year will definitely be my biggest cash back year ever.

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