Windfall Wednesday – Motif $150 Bonus

CAM00518Motif Investing is an investing company that allows you to invest in a basket of up to 30 stocks (motifs) for a $9.95 commission. They currently have a promotion that offers a $150 bonus.  To qualify for the bonus  you must open and fund a Motif Investing brokerage account with at least $2,000. The new funds must be posted to the account within 30 calendar days of account opening, and must remain in the account for 45 calendar days. The total bonus will be based on motif trades made within 45 calendar days of funding, as follows: one motif trade will receive $50; three motif trades will receive $75; five motif trades will receive $150. A motif trade is defined as a completed purchase or sale of a motif for $9.95 commission. Individual stock trades will not be considered as part of this offer. The cash bonus will be credited to the account within 30 calendar days after the end of the 45-calendar-day period. Just click on the affiliate banner in this post if you want to sign up.

Motif Investing also offers a $100 referral bonus. You can’t get both the $100 referral bonus and $150 bonus for signing up. You will have to choose which one you want. The advantage of the $100 referral bonus compared to the $150 bonus is that you only need to fund the account with $1000 rather than $2000. If you sign up through my referral link we will both receive $100 when you sign up and satisfy the promo conditions.  Again if you would rather get the $100 bonus you must use my referral link rather than clicking on one of the affiliate ads. If you have any questions about Motif or the bonuses please feel free to ask. I have done the Motif promo and had no problem receiving my bonus.

Get up to $150 when you start trading with Motif

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