November 2015 Goals Update

royalsparade Before getting to the goals I would like to give a shout out to my Kansas City Royals for their World Series win. It had been thirty years since their last World Series win in 1985 and most of the years since then the team wasn’t very good. They really turned things around the last few years. The picture is of the celebration at Union Station. I wish I weren’t in Las Vegas so I could have attended the celebration. Oh well, even a free trip has drawbacks.

I haven’t done a goals update the last couple of months. Not surprisingly, I haven’t made any progress towards my goals the last two months. My yearly goals are to keep my expenses under $1k a month, run a 5k in under 23:59, and be able to do one pull-up. If you don’t include medical expenses I am close to keeping my expenses under $1k a month. I’m satisfied with my progress on that goal. I do tend to do better on my financial goals then my other goals.

My two non-financial goals for this year are both physical goals. I”m sad to say that I haven’t made any progress on these goals at all. If I had to run a 5k right now I would likely be slower than I was at the beginning of the year. I doubt I’ve made any progress towards being able to do a pull-up either. It is obvious that I won’t achieve either of these goals this year. I’m not giving up on these goals though. These will both be yearly goals for next year.

Although I’m pushing these goals to next year I still want to make some progress towards them this year. Therefore, I’m setting some goals for this month which should help me progress towards these goals. My first goal is to exercise at least 3x a week with at least 2 of the exercise sessions being runs. My second goal is to cap my daily carbohydrate intake to 100 carbs a day. This will start when I return from Las Vegas. I used this cap last year when I lost 30 pounds and it was a big help in losing weight. I should give up soda and fast food but don’t yet have the self-discipline to give them up completely. Having a 100 carbs a day cap keeps my soda and fast food intake under control.

Also, I will be joining a gym before the end of the month. I won’t be joining solely to make progress towards my physical goals, but using a gym frequently will help me reach these goals. Although I’ve done terrible on my physical goals so far this year I feel like I will make progress on them this month. I have plenty of time so there is no excuse for not meeting these goals.

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