Flippy Friday – 3M Laser Transparency Paper

cg3700It has been a long time since I’ve done a Flippy Friday post. I intended for this to be a regular feature, but since the first Flippy Friday post I haven’t posted on most Fridays. I will try to do a better job on this. I have plenty of items to write about and these posts aren’t that difficult to write so I don’t have much of an excuse for not getting these posted.

The item I’m featuring in this post is 3M laser transparency film. This is my best flip yet from a return on investment standpoint. I bought this transparency film for $2 at Office Max and sold it for a whopping $65.  When I scanned this item in the store I was skeptical that it would actually sell for $65. I shouldn’t have been skeptical because this transparency film sold at the $65 price almost as soon as it arrived at Amazon.

I’m not sure why this transparency film sells for so much. I bought a couple of 3M transparency films of a different variety and they sold for $35. Since I also bought them for $2 each they also had a great ROI even though they didn’t come close to matching the $65 variety. I’ve looked at other Office Max stores and other office supply stores since then and haven’t been able to find more of these transparency films. These varieties of transparency film are difficult to find because they are a discontinued product which is part of the reason why they sell for such a large markup. There are other varieties of transparency film that are still being made that only sell for about $15.  Apparently they aren’t as good as the discontinued varieties though.

I wish I could find products like these every day. The next time you are in an office supply store you might want to look for these transparency films so you can do your own flip.

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