Weekly Recap – Four Christmases Edition

Last week I didn’t do too much. That will change this week since we have 4 different Christmases we will be attending. I was very lazy Monday through Wednesday of the week, but was reasonably active on Thursday and Friday. I got some exercise and some writing done both of those days. I need to do better this week. I’ve already spent all of my fast food budget for the month. The plan was to not spend any more on fast food the rest of the month, but I’m already changing my mind. I will be adopting a change of my eating habits as soon as the last Christmas feast is finished so I’m going to allow myself to indulge this week.

As a record for myself I’m going to start tracking the movies watched and books read during the week. I used to read at least a book a week. The past couple of years though I’ve been spending too much time watching TV and surfing the internet. Perhaps tracking what I read and watch will help me read more.

Movies Watched: I only watched movies on Netflix last week. We didn’t go to the movies.

The Toxic Avenger – I had watched Poultrygeist the previous week and really liked it so I thought I would give this movie a try since it is also from Troma studios. Poultrygeist was so terrible that it was good. The Toxic Avenger had more parts that were terrible but not terrible enough to be good. This is a very low budget movie and I’m sure the humor is not for everyone’s taste.

The Colony This movie was set in a dystopian future where the earth was covered in snow. In addition to battling the snow the people have to fight off cannibal invaders. It was a pretty good action flick. It was basically what I expected from the description on Netflix.

Bad Santa Billy Bob Thornton plays a really bad Santa. You probably already know this movie. I love it and it was our Christmas movie for the week.

Book Read: I managed to read one book last week. The book was Blind Justice by James Scott Bell. This was a pretty good legal thriller. It almost made me want to practice law. It is also a Christian book which isn’t something I normally read since I’m not one, but the Christian theme isn’t too heavy handed and didn’t distract from my enjoyment of the book.

And lastly in this hodge podge of a post I want to include a couple of links.

Fit is the New Poor shares the story of a teenager who made 72 million in the stock market according to an article in New York Magazine. It later came out that the teen completely made up the story. I’m very surprised that the news organization didn’t verify this story since it didn’t seem at all believable.

The Art of Being Cheap has an article on how you can save money with rechargeable batteries. We should use rechargeable batteries for our Wii remote. We used to have some but they quit charging. Since we can get regular batteries for really cheap we haven’t gotten around to getting new rechargeable batteries. I don’t think it is costing us much money but I don’t like that we are producing so much waste in the form of batteries.

That’s it for this week. Next week I might get the weekly recap up during the weekend which is when I planned on having this one done.