My 5K PR Plan Plus One Chin Up

One of the goals I have set for the coming year is to set a personal record (PR) for a 5k run. My previous PR is 23:59. I went for a run in the park last Sunday to determine my current 5k time. Since the course I ran on is in miles and only has quarter miles marked and also due to a pit stop in the middle of the run I have to estimate how long it took me to run 5k. My guess is that I ran the 5k in just under 35 minutes which would mean I need to cut about eleven minutes off of my 5k time.

Although that is a lot of time to cut I believe it is possible. My current time is somewhat inflated since I haven’t been running regularly for years.  My plan to cut that time is simple.  I will just start running regularly and eat better. Once I get in the habit of running regularly I know I will make great progress to start.  Eating better will lead to losing weight which will make it easier for me to run faster.  Eating better and exercising are both things I did when I was in the process of losing thirty pounds this year so I know I can do them. I just need to start doing them again.  Even when I was doing these things earlier this year I wasn’t doing them consistently until the very end. If I do these things consistently from the start I know I will see great results.  It is possible that eventually just exercising and eating better will not be enough to improve my 5k time to my goal. If that happens there are plenty of guides on improving your 5k time that I will consult and implement the advice that I think is best.

This wasn’t part of my original goals for 2015 but I have decided to also add a goal of being able to do one chin up. That may not sound like much of a goal to many of you. I’m not even close to being able to do a chin up now though.  When you consider I haven’t been able to do a chin up since probably sometime around age 21 this is actually an ambitious goal.  This goal will be achieved through doing body weight workouts and losing weight.  Once I have lost some weight and have gained some strength I might try some workouts specifically for being able to do a chin up like this one.

Accomplishing both of these goals would mean that I would be in the best physical shape I’ve been in since my early 20s. That is a lofty goal for someone in their 40s, but I sincerely believe I can achieve it. Losing the thirty pounds this year showed me that I can achieve physical goals if I want them enough.  I will post update at the end of each month next year to let you know how my progress is going.

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