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hwcheckI am happy to report that I received my check from Healthy Wage this week.  Now that I have received payment I want to share my thoughts on the entire Healthy Wage process.

Things didn’t start off too great with Healthy Wage. On their website you have to enter your information like you are making a bet in order to see what the bet would pay. I placed several different fake wagers in order to see what the different payouts would be. It appears that the maximum you can win is $600. After a certain point larger bets just mean that you will get your own money back plus the $600.  Even though I could have won the same $600 with a smaller bet I’m glad I bet $3000 since the fear of losing that money was a major motivation to lose the weight.

The problem I had with making my healthy wager was that I intended to bet $3000 that I would lose 25 pounds in six months. I thought that was the bet I placed and even wrote a post stating that was what I had bet. It wasn’t until a couple of days later that I noticed in my Healthy Wage account that they had my wagers as being to lose 30 pounds in six months.  Apparently, one of my test wagers ended up being my actual wager rather than the wager I had actually intended. The wager process needs to be clearer and it would be nice if they would send you an email confirmation stating the terms of your bet.

During the six months I just had to weigh in once a week or so to show my progress. These weigh ins didn’t have to be verified so they were easy to do.  There isn’t really much interaction with Healthy Wage between the initial weigh-in and the final weigh-in so everything was fine there.

You have a two-week period at the end of the bet to do your final weigh-in.  I was still losing weight to get to 30 pounds lost when the weigh-in period began. I managed to lose the last of the weight a few days into the weigh-in period and went to my local gym to get my weight verified.  After I had my weight verified my girlfriend and I went to Pizza Ranch to celebrate. That probably wasn’t a wise move, but I did enjoy indulging in some of the foods I had been denying myself.

The buffet celebration almost turned out to be a costly mistake. I did my verification weigh-in on Saturday and Monday I received a notice that Healthy Wage wanted me to do a second weigh-in.  I certainly understand that when there is this much money at stake that they want to be sure everything is legitimate.  The tone of the email seemed overly accusatory though and the statement that they often require a second weigh-in contradicted the information on their site that states that they rarely require a second weigh-in.

The first place they chose for me to weigh-in was over three hours away.  I’m not sure what they were thinking there.  After contacting them I was able to get a weigh-in scheduled at a gym in Kansas City. Luckily, I had only gained a couple of pounds from my weekend indulgences and was easily able to lose that weight again before the second weigh-in.

After they received my second verification weigh-in they did quickly send me an email stating that I had won and that I would receive my check in about a week.  My check did arrive in about a week. I was quite happy with the speed of settling the bet after my weight had been verified. Overall, I was pleased with the Healthy Wage process even though they do have some things that need improvement.  I would make another Healthy Wager since I still need to lose another 30 pounds, but once you have won one Healthy Wager you cannot make another one.

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