January Income – $2733.20

Here is a breakdown of my income for January.

Online Income





Cash Back






January was a decent month for income since I did work full time for the whole month. My previous job and my current job overlapped for a week, but I just took time off from one to work the other and didn’t accrue any extra hours.   No overtime was offered at my job or I would have done better.  Now that filing has started I should be able to work a few hours overtime every week which will help my income quite a bit.

My online income was once again a little higher than I expected.  I’m not making anywhere near as much as I used to online, but it is still good money considering how little time I devote to it.

My passive income such as referral income from sites like Mr. Rebates and dividends is pretty small, but it adds up over the year.

This month and the next I need to make a lot of money from my job since I plan to take some time off for at least a couple months once the tax season is over.


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