Personal Finance Links – March 2013 Progress Report Edition

In order to keep track of my progress (or lack of progress) towards the goals I set this year, I share my progress once a month.  My two goals for the year are to save 50% of my income and to keep my spending below the level of a minimum wage income.  I once again easily met my goals last month.  I saved 59.71% of my income in March and spent $980.89.  I shouldn’t have any problem meeting these goals again this month.  Saving 50% of my money will be much harder next month since I will no longer have the income from my tax job which was providing the bulk of my income.  I’ve also been lucky and haven’t had any huge unexpected expenses so far this year so I should probably expect a big unexpected expense pretty soon.

The April Food Experiment was a failure for the first half of the month.  I didn’t change my food buying or eating habits at all.  The April Food Experiment is now becoming the last half of April food experiment.  I haven’t bought any food the last two days and I plan to not buy food for the rest of the month. I also finally got around to keeping a log of the food I ate today.  There will be a lot of fast food eaten the next few days since I will be getting it for free.  After those are done my eating habits should be at least marginally healthier.  I can’t blame work for my poor eating habits any longer.

I also can no longer blame work for the neglect of my blogs.  I am going to put a lot more time into my writing and blogging and hopefully that will also lead to making more money from my blogs.  In the meantime here are some other blog posts from the past couple of weeks that I like.

Obama Budget Proposal: Chained CPI and Cap on Retirement Accounts at The Finance Buff.   I agree that these aren’t really bad deals at all.  Since I’m 45 years old I expect social security will still be around when I reach retirement age.  The prospect of having social security with reduced inflation raises sounds a lot better than potentially not getting any social security at all.

Capital One 360 Double Referral Bonuses at Bank Bonuses.  These are all good deals.  I use the Capital One 360 checking account (formerly ING Direct) as my main checking account and have never had any problems with it.

We Paid Off Our Mortgage at My Money Blog.  Having a paid off home makes retiring early or semi-retiring much easier.  I’m thinking about buying a cheap home myself.

Owning a 4-plex Can Be a Pain at Retire by 40.  Posts like this make me think twice about buying a rental property.  I think I will buy a house for myself first.  And I might get a roommate to share the housing expenses, but I don’t think I’ll be renting out a property anytime soon.

4 thoughts on “Personal Finance Links – March 2013 Progress Report Edition

  1. You know, Andy, you can easily control your portions by just cutting down, and waiting a couple days till your tummy adjusts. It works, believe me, and you don’t have to give up the goodies, just cut them down. I enjoy your blog.

  2. Thanks for the article round up. I like the Capital 360 double bonuses in particular. Since the Capital One acquisition, this is one of the better things they have done with ING Direct!

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