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Most of the U.S. made the switch to daylight saving time today. The switch is a pain for many since they have so many clocks to reset. One advantage of being a minimalist is that I didn’t have to reset any clocks. My cell phone clock resets automatically as does the clock on my computer. I never bothered to set the clock in my car in the first place so there was no need to reset it. I think my microwave might have a clock but I only plug the microwave in when I’m using it so there wouldn’t be any point to setting that clock.

I’ve been getting very few comments on the blog lately. I know part of it is because I haven’t been writing as much. Another reason is probably because I do most of my blog reading on my phone these days which means I rarely leave comments. Another reason could be that people just aren’t interested in what I’m posting, but I’m hoping that is not it. I’m going to make an effort to comment more frequently on other people’s blogs and I hope that will to more comments here and more discussion on the posts. If you have any tips on what I should do to encourage comments I’d be happy to hear them. Just leave a comment with your tip. 🙂

Here are some posts from the past few weeks that I found interesting and you might too.

The Retirement Fitness Challenge Book Giveaway at My Retirement Blog. As of this writing there is only one entrant so your odds of winning are pretty good. If the book topic doesn’t interest you there is an option to take a $5 Amazon gift card instead.

Fear and Anger are Freaking Motivating at Budgeting in the Fun Stuff. Google went through another round of punishing websites recently. This round didn’t hurt me since I never really recovered from the previous penalties. It does remind me that I really need to make my websites less dependent on Google. That will be one of my first priorities once tax season is over.

25 Things You Think You Need But You Really Don’t at Wisebread. I agree with most of them although I do use shower gel. I use it for hair, face, and body so I think it is a pretty good deal. My hair is pretty short and I have washed it just using soap before which did get it clean but I didn’t like the way it felt afterwards.

Should You Do Your Own Taxes of Hire A Pro at The First Million is the Hardest. Even though I do work for a large tax preparation company I think most people of at least average intelligence that have straightforward returns should be able to do their own taxes. On the other hand I’m often surprised when people don’t understand what I think are pretty simple tax concepts so maybe I’m not the best judge.

Amazon $100 Kindle Accessories Bonus at Bank Bonuses. This is a pretty good deal. It is a bit more money than I want to tie up at Amazon right now since I already have a lot of Amazon gift cards thanks to Swagbucks.

6 thoughts on “Personal Finance Links – Clocks and Comments Editions

  1. I think building relationships with other bloggers and a common interest in what they blog about helps. Leaving comments are great as long as you want to leave a genuine comment. Leaving comments just because is silly. If I have something to say, I will say it. Just hang out, chat, be yourself and get to know others!! Cheers mate!

    • The reason I haven’t been leaving many comments lately is because I’m doing all my blog reading on my phone which makes leaving comments a pain. My plan is to note posts that I’d like to comment on and then comment later. I haven’t actually been doing that yet. Building relationships with other bloggers would be even more beneficial.

  2. Have always enjoyed reading your blog, Andy. I have had this website for over two years, paying for it, not adding to it because I don’t know what to do with it! It’s weird. Your blog and other similar have helped me to develop my own brand of “frugality” and it is more fun to approach finances as a game, rather than “wolf at the door” seriously important!! Keep going, Andy, your blog is great and I enjoy it. Am always happy when you make money online and I would learn how, too!

  3. Have you considered how the public’s transition from desktop/laptop computing to smartphones will affect your websites? You mentioned that you don’t like to leave comments when reading blogs on your phone. You’re not the only one. When I’m out with my phone I just don’t take the time to read blogs; just news clips, texts, and emails.

    • The switch to mobile is affecting a lot of websites. I’m not sure what I can do about it. People viewing on mobile are less likely to click on any ads so it will be harder to make money.

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