Avoiding Burnout

I’m almost halfway through with my seasonal tax research job. Working this full-time job plus my part-time job for at least 65 hours a week is starting to be a bit of a grind. Neither of my jobs are too hard and the long hours will only be until April 15 so I can handle it. The blogging has been suffering quite a bit though.

This week I should get some overtime at the full-time job as well. So far out of 30 offered hours of overtime I’ve worked about 1.5 overtime hours. I definitely need to do better on working overtime. Since this is only for 3.5 months I should be working all the hours I can get. Most of the available overtime hours are during the weekend which is when I work my part-time job and I feel too tired to go in and work optional overtime hours after working the part-time job. Considering an overtime hour at my full-time job pays over four times as much as an hour at the part-time job it is possible that the part-time job is costing me money. I do like the part-time job and it is very easy and it isn’t temporary like the full-time job so I’ll keep the part-time job for now.

I did get a bit of a break today. Due to the big snowstorm here in Kansas City the phones were off for the day and we had the option of working from home. Since I live close to work I opted to go into the office. It was nice not having to answer the phones and the work environment was quite a bit different since there was hardly anyone there. I might try the work at home option tomorrow. The system isn’t really set up for working at home, making it a bit of pain to work at home but maybe next year they will configure the system to make working at home an option for any day, not just snow days. I would really like that.

For now, I will just keep working. When I start to feel burnt out I will remind myself it is only for a little while more and think about how much I’ve been able to save. I also have a short hiking trip planned after the end of the tax season to give myself a little reward.

5 thoughts on “Avoiding Burnout”

  1. I think knowing your time line is key. That’s what helped me get through the busiest times – just knowing that there would be an end. Stay healthy and take care of yourself during this busy time.

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