Can a Gift be Romantic and Frugal? – $100 Giveaway

It is time for another $100 giveaway. You can win a $100 gift card of $100 cash with this giveaway. Just use the widget below the post to enter.

With Valentine’s Day coming up lots of people are trying to figure out what gift to get their partner. If you don’t have a lot of money it can be even harder to figure out what to get. I’m far from an expert on what to buy, but I think as long as it is obvious that your put thought into your purchase your partner should be happy. Another thing to remember is that you do not have to celebrate Valentine’s Day on Valentine’s Day. If you buy flowers on V-Day they will be way more expenses than they are the rest of the year, if you go to a restaurant it will be crowded. Celebrating V-Day the weekend before or weekend after could save you a little money plus give you a better experience. What are some of your ideas for romantic yet frugal gifts?

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