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As you may already know from my previous post I have quit my job and moved back to Kansas City. I have been changing my mind on what I want to do quite a bit this year. I’m going to come up with a plan for next year and stick with it. So far, I know that I will be working at a CPA firm through the tax season. After that I’m not sure what I will do. I’ll likely stay in Kansas City for a while since I am signing a new apartment lease this week.

The plus of my tax job is that I will make more money and get 40 or more hours a week. The downside is that it won’t start until mid to late January. In the meantime, I have picked up a few extra shifts at my part-time job and am trying to do a little extra mystery shopping. The mystery shopping is slow this time of year though due to the Christmas holiday. I also intend to do more writing on this blog and my other blogs. And I plan to finally write the book I’ve been intending to write for over two years now.

Here are some blog posts from the past couple of weeks that you might like:

Saving Half My Income at I’m seriously considering making this a goal for next year. Since I live on about $1000 a month, I would just have to make $2000 a month and save the excess to meet this goal. That sounds simple enough but I don’t think I’ve averaged $2000 a month in earnings this year and I have some other things I want to do next year that will hinder my ability to earn income. During tax season it should be easy to meet this goal, after that it will be a challenge.

Little House in Guatemala -Week 5 from Reach Financial Independence. Another thing I’m considering is living in Guatemala for a few months in the upcoming year. Since I’ve lived there in the past I know I could live there on even less than what I am now. My goal while living there would be to get lots of writing done. Rather than live off the beaten path like Pauline I’d probably just stay in Xela which I know and like.

Our First Budget Story at I Heart Budgets. This post has made me realize I need to set some financial goals. I keep my spending low by tracking my spending but I haven’t been saving any money. I can change that by setting a financial goal such as the above goal of saving 50% of my income.

How I Owned My Christmas Shopping This Year at 36 Months. Maybe I’m a Scrooge but my Christmas strategy is to get everyone to agree not to buy me a present and I in return will not buy them a present. My mom is the only one who won’t go along with this strategy. This strategy eliminates the inefficiency of Christmas gift giving.

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  1. Thank you for the mention Andy! Guatemala is a great place to write and live cheap while you do. The Xela region is fascinating and the weather perfect, it is starting to get pretty hot in the North, but I shouldn’t complain as most people are freezing right now!

  2. Getting into taxes will definitely keep you busy for the first part of the year. Have fun with that job. I always enjoyed doing different things and not get tied down to one item or job. Keeps things moving and exciting.

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