Personal Finance Links – Freaks and Geeks Edition

There isn’t much news to report this week. It was a fairly typical week. One new thing is that I have made a few court appearances on my own. I like getting out of the office to go to court, it makes the day go a lot faster. The drawback is that I have to travel on my own dime. I will at least be able to deduct my mileage as a non-reimbursed employee expense when I file my taxes.

I don’t watch any TV during the week, but I’ve been watching a lot on the weekends. One of my favorites is watching Freaks and Geeks
on Netflix. This is one of my all time favorite shows. It is too bad it was only on one season and I only have a couple episodes left to watch. It seems that many of my favorite series (Firefly, Arrested Development, Veronica Mars) didn’t last too long. I suppose that kept the creators from ruining the show in later seasons at least.

Here are some links I think you might like:

Being Thankful $100 Cash Giveaway here at Tight Fisted Miser.

Obesity in America, What it Costs Us at Eyes on the Dollar. Even though a tax on fast food and soda would cost me money I think it is a good idea.

Capital One Sharebuilder $100 Bonus at Bank Bonuses. If I didn’t already have a Sharebuilder account I would take advantage of this new bonus.

Amazon $25 gift card giveaway at I Heart Budgets. Your odds of winning on blog giveaways are generally pretty good and they are easy to enter.

Super Storm Sandy Investing Idea at Investorz Blog. Maybe there is a way to make a little money off the rebuilding after Super Storm Sandy.

Apple iPad Mini Giveaway at Work,Save,Live.

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  1. Thanks for including me. Sorry I didn’t notice the pingback until reviewing today. I used to like a show called The Cleaner with Benjamin Bratt. I don’t think it went more than one or two seasons. Bummer when you find one you like and it doesn’t last.

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