Personal Finance Links – Change of Plans Edition

This was supposed to be an uneventful week with nothing planned until the weekend.  Unfortunately, my wife’s uncle died. We will be attending the funeral in Omaha.  Parts of I-29 are still closed due to the flooding which should make the trip a little more interesting.    I know people close to me that had to miss weddings or funerals because they couldn’t get the time off work and/or couldn’t afford the travel expense. I am happy that my wife and I are both self-employed and have the flexibility to change our schedules to attend important events like this.

Here are some of the interesting posts I read this past week.

Cost of Living in the 50’s as Compared to Today at Yes I Am Cheap.  This  relates to my post on inflation not being as bad as it seems.

Fed Up with Hearing How “Taxing the Rich” Will Fix the U.S. Economy at Everyday Tips and Thoughts. Stop Coddling the Super Rich by Warren Buffet at The New York Times.  The two posts might seem to be in opposition to each other but they actually share some of the same views.

Pigeons and Pellets at Tobias Buckell.  The post is aimed at writers but it could be applied to personal finance.   At any rate I found it to be and interesting read. I believe the article is referring to this pigeon study.

How to Make Your Next Conference Awesome at Think Traffic.  This is a timely post with the Personal Finance Blogger’s Conference coming up soon.

Super Frugalette is hosting a $75 Gift Card Giveaway until September 15th and Life and My Finances is hosting an Ipad 2 Giveaway until September 30th.

Faith and Finance is hosting an Apple TV Giveaway until September 15th.


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