Personal Finance Links – Sunburn Edition

We spent yesterday at an amusement park and I got too much sun.  I did use sunscreen but apparently not enough.  We used a combination of mystery shopping and freebies to make this a relatively cheap getaway.  I’ll probably write a post about that later this week.  For now I will share this week’s personal finance links.

Making Money Online – 4 Decades of Deals at Sustainable Personal Finance.  He was making money online even before the internet.

I Am Quitting! at Budgeting in the Fun Stuff.   Crystal is a hard worker who has helped me make a lot of money and I’m sure she will do well as a full-time blogger.

What is Your Next Step? at KrantCents.  Right now, I am just focusing on sitting for the bar and keeping my blogs running at a minimal level at least.  After I sit for the bar I’m going to make some new plans.

When Can We Stop Saving Money? at Retire by 40.  I’ve got a ways to go before I can get to level 6 and stop saving.

Savings=Freedom by Invest It Wisely.   Having a cushion of savings has allowed me to support myself from blogging, mystery shopping, and miscellaneous income.  This income isn’t very consistent so it is necessary to have a cushion of savings to get through the lean months.

Discover Cashback Categories at Bank Bonuses.  Their rotating categories allow you to get 5% back on certain purchases.

Disadvantages of Annuities at My Retirement Blog.   Annuities have their good points but they also have drawbacks.

$5 Sign-Up Bonus at Mr. Rebates.  This is my favorite cash back site and I make a little extra money every month for referring people to the site.

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