Personal Finance Links – Sick and Lazy Edition

Since getting back from my hike I’ve been doing a lot of mystery shopping and putting off getting my blogs updated. I was going to catch up on them this weekend but then I got a bad cold Friday and didn’t feel like doing anything all weekend. I suppose I should have written anyway since it doesn’t really take much energy to write but I’ve been pretty lazy and it doesn’t take much of an excuse for me to put off writing. I need to make writing more of a priority. We’ll see in a couple of weeks how I did on that. In the meantime here are some links that might interest you.

Life and My Finances is having a $100 gift card giveaway to promote his new ebook.

Maximizing Money is offering 500 Free Business Cards to 3 winning readers.

Super Frugalette is having a $25 Visa gift card giveaway.

Stoopid Success is having a $300 contest/giveaway.

I’ll be having a book giveaway later this week. That is a lot less exciting than winning actual money but you will probably have a much better chance to win.

Other Personal Finance Posts

Money Cone has a Step by Step Guide to Selling on Amazon. This was interesting to me because I’ve sold a couple books on Amazon but I’m considering selling a lot more there.

The Saved Quarter asks “You’re Homeless. How would you improve your situation?” This was actually part of a blog swap chain letter on the Yakezie network. I didn’t participate but I might do a post on the topic myself later. I’ve never been homeless but I’ve been close a couple times in my life.

Bank Bonuses shares how you can get the Citizens Bank $240 Bank Bonus.

My Retirement Blog shares the Couple’s Retirement Puzzle.

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