Personal Finance Links- 7-11 Edition

Since today is July 11, the convenience store 7-11 is celebrating it as they do every year with free slurpees. Since the nearest 7-11 is three hours away I won’t be taking advantage of the deal. Here are some of my favorite posts from around the Yakezie network this week.

Free From Broke asks whether you should “Automate or Unautomate your Finances?” I am in the unautomate camp. I like to be in control of my money and I have been burned in the past by an erroneous automatic debit.

Financial Bondage has a book review of The Total Money Makeover. I don’t agree 100% with everything Dave Ramsey says but this book is full of good advice and has helped lots of people get out of debt.

Rainy Day Saver asks “How do you file your paperwork?” I just use a shoebox. It isn’t a fancy system but it works for me.

The Saved Quarter has collected “The Best of the Yakezie Challenge.” There are all kinds of good posts to read there. I was late in joining The Yakezie Challenge but it has paid off for me. My Alexa rank has risen by about 200,000 and I’m getting new readers on my site. I’m also getting more advertising inquires so the Yakezie Challenge will soon be paying off financially.

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