Personal Finance Links – Minimum Wage Edition

My article about getting ahead on minimum wage created a lot of discussion so I did a follow up to that article rather than posting personal finance links yesterday. Here they are today. They don’t necessarily have anything to do with earning minimum wage.

Budgeting in the Fun Stuff shared “Fit in a Fun Friday – Trip to the Beach.”:

Maximizing Money has a list of Twitter accounts for financial blogs.

Invest it Wisely talks about betting on the future.

Mrs. Accountability at Out of Debt Again talks about decluttering with a purpose.

At My Retirement Blog I shared a post about building a retirement nest egg.

And at Bank Bonuses I posted about how to get the $25 American Express Pass Card bonus.

That is all I have to share this week. If you have any posts you would like to me include in next week’s links let me know. I will most likely include your post as long as I don’t find it spammy.

7 thoughts on “Personal Finance Links – Minimum Wage Edition

  1. Hey Andy,

    I survived on minimum wage for a while, and as a single student it wasn’t too bad; however, I consumed far too much for my wage so I didn’t save much money, either.

    As a minimum wage earner, you definitely want to increase your income, but it’s mostly due to envy. You feel the burden of being at the lowest caste of society, and you want to improve your lot in life so you can enjoy the higher standard of living that everyone else does. Minimum wage is sufficient to survive if you’re single, and even have a decent standard of living, but if you want to accumulate rather than live off of your paycheck, or if you want to start a family, it isn’t enough.

    However, even on minimum wage, it’s possible to afford an apartment, internet, a TV, and even a car. I remember when I started my first couple of jobs that a couple thousand a month actually felt like a lot of money. It’s mainly the luxuries such as eating out at more expensive restaurants or taking month-long vacations that have to be skipped. In retrospect, though I definitely would not want to go back to a minimum wage lifestyle, I had it pretty good, even at minimum wage.

    Thanks for the mention!

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