Considering Big Miles Purchase

I read a post at The Art of Non-Conformity detailing how to get $5600 worth of travel for $2000. There is also a discussion about this deal at Flyertalk. The extremely simplified version is that after making 5 small purchases from different participating merchants you make a big purchase at TrackItBack and get a 250% bonus on their already generous 40 miles per dollar. I have already made the small purchases, which was no big deal since they are mostly stuff I can give as Christmas presents. I’m holding off on making the big TrackItBack purchase though. I’d appreciate some more opinions on whether this deal is worthwhile or not.

P.S. – I will not be making as big a purchase as Chris Guillebeau. I’m thinking about going for 200,000 miles which would be enough for an around the world ticket and cost $1538.

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