June Top 10 Referring Sites

I would like to thank the top 10 PF blogs to send me traffic in June by mentioning them here.

  1. Frugal Freedom
  2. My Money Blog
  3. Frugal Zeitgeist
  4. Frugal Babe
  5. Almost Frugal
  6. Wise Bread
  7. Frugal Bachelor
  8. Free Money Finance
  9. The Simple Dollar
  10. Not Made of Money

The rankings are almost the same with My Frugal Freedom still holding the top spot. Almost Frugal managed to move ahead of Wise Bread. The Simple Dollar made a new appearance on the list knocking Not Made of Money down to the 10 spot. It was interesting that The Simple Dollar made the top 10 list considering that the only links I have on his site are in comments. All the other sites have home page links to me or in the case of Wise Bread I receive traffic from using their forums. It looks like I should start commenting more often to boost my traffic. Thanks to everyone who has helped make this blog a success.