May PF Rankings and Top 10 Traffic Sources

by Andy Hough on June 6, 2009

The Top 100 personal finance blog rankings for May were recently posted at Fire Finance.  Tight Fisted Miser managed to rank at 74 which I believe is the highest it has ranked.  Fellow Frugal Blog Network members that were ranked include Not Made of Money at 30, The Frugal Duchess at 57, and Almost Frugal at 78.  Wisebread has their own Top 100 personal finance blog rankings.  Using their rankings by Compete scores I just make the top 100 at 100.  Frugal Blog Network members that are ranked include Not Made of Money at 39, Almost Frugal at 64, Frugal Babe at 91, The Frugal Duchess at 203, and Frugal Zeitgiest at 212.

Now I would like to thank the top 10 PF blogs to send me traffic in May by mentioning them here.

  1. Frugal Freedom
  2. My Money Blog
  3. Frugal Zeitgeist
  4. Frugal Babe
  5. Wise Bread
  6. Almost Frugal
  7. Frugal Bachelor
  8. Not Made of Money
  9. Free Money Finance
  10. Organicism

Thanks to everyone who has helped make this blog a success.

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1 Daizy June 6, 2009 at 7:20 pm

How in the world did I get to be number 1??? I mean, I am happy but I am rarely number 1 at anything. Are you sure? Was there a glitch somewhere? Oh well. I’ll take number 1 when I can get it. Thanks!

2 Andy Hough June 6, 2009 at 8:18 pm

According to AWstats you are the to pf blog referrer of traffic to my site. It is a little surprising since your site doesn’t have as many readers as the other referring sites. Apparently a large percentage of your readers like to visit my blog though. I’m guessing we have very similar readerships.

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