Brochure and Business Card Giveaway

This week’s giveaway will be 1,000 free standard business cards for one reader and 500 standard sized brochures for another reader from  They are an online printer and do business card printing and many other types of printing.  Since there will be two winners this week you have double the chances of winning.  To enter leave a comment at the end of the blog post, describing what you would use the free printing for.  Winners in the United States and Canada qualify for free shipping. Shipping fees will apply to winners outside these areas. Usual contest rules apply.

8 thoughts on “Brochure and Business Card Giveaway

  1. My hubby and I are starting a small business on the side for computer repair. We would use this prize to further promote our new small business….!

  2. I have a internet whole tea retail business. I would like to expand to tea education. I would use the brochures to promote my Tea 101 tasting course and my services as a professional speaker in the area of tea. Thanks for this opportunity!

  3. I would use the business cards to promote myself in all aspects of my side businesses and of course to network. Currently, I am a nine to fiver at a company and work at a restaurant after hours. I also however, am starting a small mural business on the side and am helping my boyfriends alternative energy company. I meet many people on a daily basis who would benefit from these services but don’t have a card to give out to remind them of the opportunity. Therefore, I would have a card made to promote myself with a cute logo but not for a specific business.

  4. I’d use the business cards to promote my husband’s new band (give them out at gigs) and the brochures would be great for our son who’s trying to re-start up his old comic strip/graphics business this summer

  5. I’d love to use the cards to give my bussiness a more professional look, plus as a startup you need to look good to all your potential customers. thanks for a great site

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