Best of Tight Fisted Miser 2008

I’ve highlighted one post for each month in 2008. This is kind of late because I wasn’t going to do a “best of” post but since my readership grew quite a bit last year most of you probably haven’t seen these posts and I’m too lazy to write an original post today you’re getting a “best of” post.

2 thoughts on “Best of Tight Fisted Miser 2008

  1. The food stamps discussion is interesting. I’m nowhere close to getting food stamps from a financial perspective, and yet my monthly grocery bill is around $260. I don’t typically use coupons, and don’t skimp at all, though I do buy on sale and stock up (a little) when I can. I eat very healthy, lots of fruits, berries, vegetables, legumes and brown rice, some meat and fish, etc. However, due to a really busy work schedule, I know very well that I could save significantly more if I cooked all week (or enough for all week) all the time. All this to say, I find it unbelievable that one person and one baby have any real issues stretching $260 a month as long as they have access to a stove/microwave, etc. And this girl is going to culinary school, so presumably she’s actually living somewhere normal. She also gets over $60 a month in WIC for milk and baby products. To me, food stamps programs are so that you don’t starve and have just enough to maintain health, not excess and not every little thing to eat your heart desires without having to do any thinking or budgeting or planning. People who think they should get whatever they want to eat whenever they want to eat it on the taxpayer dime tend to irk me.

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