Free Burrito and Free Movie

If you buy a $10 gift card at Chipotle between now and February 12,2008 you can bring back your gift card receipt on the 13th or 14th for a free burrito.  I really like Chipotle’s burritos but they’re a little pricey for me.  Now I can justify having some.

Also Redbox is currently running a promotion offering free movie rentals on Mondays through the end of February.  They had the same deal in January.  If you don’t want to sign up for the text alert service just run a search for “Redbox promo codes” and you should come up with a few free codes.  Tonight’s free code is HD36MJ and it expires at midnight.  Another code to try is DVDONME.

You can combine the Chipotle deal and the Redbox deal to take care of your Valentine’s day plans. :)

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