Received Lawsuit Settlement

When I went home for Christmas I was surprised to find a check for $77 as settlement for a lawsuit.  I had no idea what it was for and visited the website referred to in the letter sent with the check for more information.  It turns out the check was from a class-action lawsuit against H&R Block regarding their refund anticipation loans.

I received the refund anticipation loan way back in 1996.  That was the only time I ever paid to have my taxes done and that was only because I really needed money and wanted to get the loan.  I’d never bother with a refund anticipation loan now but at the time I was on a gambling binge and was getting money any way possible.

I have some mixed feelings about getting the settlement.  I don’t feel like I was misled about the costs of the loan.  I knew it was a bad deal when I made it.  I’m not sure if I even paid a total of $77 in fees.  On the other hand I didn’t do anything to pursue this settlement it just dropped in my lap.  If someone wants to give me a check for $77 I’ll take it.