Happy Thanksgiving!

I know it is a day late but my family will not be having their Thanksgiving day celebration until tomorrow so it is early for me.  I have a very large extended family and they have their celebration on Saturday so everyone can have a celebration for their immediate family or in-laws on Thursday.  My mom has eight siblings which means I have 29 first cousins on her side.  When you add in their spouses and children and in some cases their children’s children that adds up to a lot of people.  Not everyone can make it for the celebration but enough of them can that it is necessary to rent the local community center for the dinner.  It is just too many people to have in a house.  I’ll be enjoying my Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow afternoon and then watching the KU-MU game at night.  It will be a great day but then tomorrow it will be back to work.  I can’t complain though it will have been a great week.  I hope everyone else has as great a time as I have.

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