Picks from the 95th Festival of Frugality

Once again I’ve been very lazy and haven’t contributed to the Festival of Frugality.  This week it is being hosted at My Retirement Blog.   Here are my picks.

Single Ma presents Over 40 Ways to Reduce Your Grocery Bill.  Many of these I already use.  My total food bill (grocery and dining out) was $84.39 last month.  I think it will be even less this month.

Moorea presents Femme Economics: Save on Laundry and Dry Cleaning.  These are good tips. I’m always trying to keep this expense to a minimum.

JvW presents Emotionally Frugal.  This is pretty much how I feel.

Super Saver presents Exercise for Free.  Now that I have a running path right in front of my apartment I don’t have any excuse for not running.  Running isn’t completely free since you need to buy running shoes but it is close enough.

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