Thanks Everyone!

Thanks to everyone that left a comment on my last post.  I have had counseling and medication for depression in the past but it wasn’t much help.  I’ve been in counseling through the summer but when I wasn’t re-admitted for this semester I wasn’t able to continue at the school counseling center.  They did transfer me to a community counseling center but I haven’t followed up on that and set an appointment.   I’ll be doing that Monday.

I do think the lack of caffeine contributed to this bout of depression.  I quit cold turkey and from what I’ve read online it is best to gradually go off caffeine.  I probably should have done that research before quitting.  I gave in yesterday and had a soda and I have a lot more energy today.  I’m going to continue it for a while but try to keep it in moderation which I haven’t done in the past.  I’ve been planning on starting running again but have kept delaying it.  I did get out and run today and I think it does help.  Thanks again to everyone that left a comment.

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