Festival of Frugality #90 Picks

The latest Festival of Frugality is being hosted at Bean Sprouts.   Here are a few of my favorites.

Voluntary Simplicity – The Path to Happiness? : Slow Down Fast Today! posted at Slow Down Fast Today!.  I definitely believe in simplicity.  The figure of $40,000 to meet your basic needs mentioned in the post seems pretty high though.  That is more than most people make.

Why Don’t People Want Free Money? posted at College of Cash.  I wonder about that too sometimes.  People are paranoid about the internet but most identity theft happens in the real world.

Where to Buy and Sell Textbooks posted at College News.  I save a lot of money by not buying my books at the bookstore and selling them elsewhere when finished with them.

As always there are plenty of other interesting posts to read so be sure to visit the Festival of Frugality.  Also check out the Carnival of Money Stories.  I will be hosting it next week.

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