Quick Links and Tidbits

Here are a few links to posts I like and tidbits of information I want to share but don’t feel warrant a full post.

Free Vonage VOIP for 12 months and make $75 at Circuit City from Hustler Money Blog. If I had high speed internet and wasn’t planning on moving I’d take advantage of this deal.

Your Spending Weakness:Latte Factor or Gazingus Pin? from Caustic Muse.  I’ve been thinking about writing a post on Gazingus Pins but she beat me to it. I’ll still write a post about them sometime.

My Money Blog has created a very handy 0% Balance Transfer Profit Tool. If I get back into credit card arbitrage I’ll use this tool first.

The new site design at Problogger.net looks way too cluttered and ad-filled to me but as you can tell from this blog I prefer a clean and simple design. Of course Darren knows a whole lot more about blogging than me so the redesign must be an improvement.

I’ll find out Thursday afternoon if I’ll be allowed to return to school this fall. If so I have to register for classes on Friday and start classes on Monday. It could be an extremely busy weekend but it will be worth it.