Latest Festival of Frugality Picks

This week’s Festival of Frugality is being hosted by Dawn at Frugal For Life. I didn’t get around to submitting an entry for this week but since Dawn will also be hosting next week I still have a chance to get an entry into her Festival. Here are some of my favorites from this week:

Green Living is Good for the Pocketbook from Suddenly Frugal. Most of my green living is a byproduct of my frugality.

Having a budget motivates me to act frugally from I’ve Paid For This Twice Already. This is true for me as well. This is one of the things I started doing after reading “Your Money or Your Life.” Whenever I stop keeping an exact detail of my expenses they start to climb upward.
Save Money by Shopping at ALDI from Free Money Finance. Shopping at Aldi’s is an easy way to save on groceries. I use Aldi’s prices as my baseline prices. If another store has an item on sale for lower than the Aldi’s price than I know it is a good deal.

There are plenty more good posts so be sure to visit the Festival of Frugality and see them all.

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