Latest Festival of Frugality Picks

This week’s Festival of Frugality was hosted by Frugal Babe. She must have spent a lot of time compiling it because she wrote detailed descriptions of every post. My post Taking Cold Showers to Save $45 a Month was included. Here are some of my favorites from the Festival.

Teaching Kids about Money in Chi-Chi Castenango, Guatemala posted at The Dough Roller. I’m including this because I love Guatemala and have experienced the bargaining in the markets of Chichicastenango myself.

3 Ways I Live Frugally Without Feeling Deprived posted at MyMoneyBlog. Being frugal is not about depriving yourself.

Women: What is your Hair Budget? posted at Lazy Man and Money. I am amazed at how much people spend on their hair. I haven’t spent a penny on my hair this year.

There are plenty of other interesting posts so be sure to visit Frugal Babe and browse all the Festival posts.

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